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Sunday, 08 January 2017 20:31
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We are excited to announce the release of our latest website update - the News Module - and obviously where better to announce it than in the News Section itself. Thanks are due to LordWyll who has been putting in a lot of hours and effort behind the scenes. By my own estimates we are approximately 2 years away from game launch of CoE and so things can seem to be moving at a frustratingly slow rate - in fact often they don’t seem to be moving at all! However the gears are in motion, and I am confident in saying that you will all be proud and happy when you see some of our other planned website updates that include an amazing group system, interactive books, and once we get to see the game map, an interactive map also! Recruitment: Currently recruitmment seems painfully slow and a lot of effort for the relatively low results in terms of actual members joining our community. Do NOT be discouraged! - for this far ahead of game launch, for an indie game, we are coming along well, and setting down the crucial foundations that are going to define who we are and make The Duchy of Bloodoak unique and fun - you are the Founders! What Now? Enjoy the Discord channel - quiet as it is it will slowly get busier. Depending upon your role and goal, either kick back and relax, or get stuck in and involved in helping to develop our community - that can be done by helping with recruiting efforts, making a suggestion to help in an area that isn’t developed yet such as writing Lore, social media etc. Shield wall strong!
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