Thursday, 24 November 2016 21:21

A world being built!

Building a website from ground up.


Hello everyone.

This is my very first post so I will try to give you an idea of what we are doing behind scene.

First of all I am @Lordwyll the person in charge of all boring stuff to make a website work and together with @Dleatherus will be building the website that will hold the guild The Noore and the Duchy of Bloodoak in the upcoming game Chronicles of Elyria.

So, why we decided to make the website from scratch versus using populars services to build community websites?

  • Groups, for us is really important that users can create small groups to then create the diferents settlements that finally will make a cities, counties and finaly the whole duchy.
  • Elyrian Feel, we need the website to adpat to what Chronicles of Elyria is, not only in looks but also in mechanics.
  • Social Oriented, users have the ability to interact with each other and tell his likes and the type of gamer he is, making the website a good place to make friends, share media and more.
  • Control over server and databases... really importat... yeah, boring stuff.

In the end this gives us flexibility over website that we will not get in paid services, but it creates two problems, increased costs and increased efforts.

This only means that some features will take more time even when they are quite simple but as we keep developing we will deliver all features we want to integrate.

So, what are those features we are working on?

Right now we have sucessfuly implemented three features that users can use.

  • Pages, this one is the base for everything to work so if you are reading this... 
  • Forums, usable at the moment it needs some designing but is fully functional.
  • Profiles, this feature is the base for all the social features of the website to work.
  • News, simple but required feature for website and later for groups.

This sumarizes the featues that we started with, so what you should expect to come next?

Next step is to integrate Groups in the website, a feature we wanted to include on launch but it wasn't fully tested. With this feature you will be able to create and join differents groups. Lets say you are a Count and want people to join your county with this you will know who is commited to your county... very simple right? but this will track settlements and professions this means that the Duke will be able to know how many cities exist in each county and how many brewmasters are in each city... It only gets cooler but details will be explained in a different post.

Detailed Profiles, for us to be able to track the different professions, statuses and play styles wil implement a detailed profile information page. So once is up you can specify what you want to be in-game and your play styles. This will help others users with similar tastes to find each other.

Finally we will implement final (for now) design style on website this means that many broken styles will be normalized. So if you happen to see something that should behave in a certain way think that we will fix it or just let us know via forums.

So this is all for now, next time I will talk about how to use implemented features in website.

See you around.

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